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- KEMET Corporation is a leading global supplier of electronic components. We offer our customers the broadest selection of capacitor technologies in the industry across all dielectrics, along with an expanding range of electro-mechanical devices, electromagnetic compatibility solutions and supercapacitors. Our vision is to be the preferred supplier of electronic component solutions for customers demanding the highest standards of quality, delivery and service.
  Image Part Number Description View
T520B337M006ATE040 CAP TANT POLY 330UF 6.3V 1411 Add to Inquiry
CCR06CG103JRV Add to Inquiry
T520W476M016ATE0457453 Add to Inquiry
C0805C106K4PAC7800 Add to Inquiry
EE2-12SNUH-L Image EE2-12SNUH-L RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 2A 250V Add to Inquiry
C0402C102K9RAC7867 Add to Inquiry
T495X106K050ZTE300 Image T495X106K050ZTE300 CAP TANT 10UF 50V 10% 2917 Add to Inquiry
T491A225K016AT Image T491A225K016AT CAP TANT 2.2UF 16V 10% 1206 Add to Inquiry
CK06BX104K Image CK06BX104K CAP CER 0.1UF 100V BX RADIAL Add to Inquiry
C1206C104J5RAC3972 Add to Inquiry
T495D337K006ATE100 Image T495D337K006ATE100 CAP TANT 330UF 6.3V 10% 2917 Add to Inquiry
T491B226M016AS Image T491B226M016AS CAP TANT 22UF 16V 20% 1411 Add to Inquiry
T491B475K016AT Image T491B475K016AT CAP TANT 4.7UF 16V 10% 1411 Add to Inquiry
T495D686M010ATE150 CAP TANT 68UF 20% 10V 2917 Add to Inquiry
C322C334K5R5TA7301 Add to Inquiry
LDEEF4100KA5N00 Add to Inquiry
T491B685M010AS Add to Inquiry
T491D476M016AT7027 CAP TANT 47.0UF 16.0V Add to Inquiry
C0805C154K5RAC Add to Inquiry
T495B226M016ZTE Add to Inquiry
T520V337M003ATE009 Add to Inquiry
SMP253MA4470MTR24 Image SMP253MA4470MTR24 CAP FILM 4700PF 20% 250VDC SMD Add to Inquiry
MDC10475K100A53P3TR32 Add to Inquiry
T491D685K035AT Image T491D685K035AT CAP TANT 6.8UF 35V 10% 2917 Add to Inquiry
C0805F102M1RACAUTO Image C0805F102M1RACAUTO CAP CER 1000PF 100V X7R 0805 Add to Inquiry
A700V107M006ATE015 Image A700V107M006ATE015 CAP ALUM POLY 100UF 20% 6.3V SMD Add to Inquiry
T491D687K004AT Image T491D687K004AT CAP TANT 680UF 4V 10% 2917 Add to Inquiry
T495X107K025ZTE150 Image T495X107K025ZTE150 CAP TANT 100UF 25V 10% 2917 Add to Inquiry
C0805C104K1RACTU Image C0805C104K1RACTU CAP CER 0.1UF 100V X7R 0805 Add to Inquiry
C1206C475K3PAC7800 Add to Inquiry
T495D475K050ATE300 Image T495D475K050ATE300 CAP TANT 4.7UF 50V 10% 2917 Add to Inquiry
PHE450RR6220JR06L2 Add to Inquiry
T491C226K016AT Image T491C226K016AT CAP TANT 22UF 16V 10% 2312 Add to Inquiry
T491A475K010AT Image T491A475K010AT CAP TANT 4.7UF 10V 10% 1206 Add to Inquiry
PEG122PG3150QL1 Add to Inquiry
T495C107K016ATE200 Image T495C107K016ATE200 CAP TANT 100UF 16V 10% 2312 Add to Inquiry
T494A225K016AT Image T494A225K016AT CAP TANT 2.2UF 16V 10% 1206 Add to Inquiry
C0805C221J5GAC7800 Add to Inquiry
PME271Y410MR035 Add to Inquiry
C1206C122KDRAC7800 Add to Inquiry
T520D337M006ATE045 Image T520D337M006ATE045 CAP TANT POLY 330UF 6.3V 2917 Add to Inquiry
C1210C104K2RAC Add to Inquiry
T520V107M010ASE045 Image T520V107M010ASE045 CAP TANT POLY 100UF 10V 2917 Add to Inquiry
T491D476K025AT Image T491D476K025AT CAP TANT 47UF 25V 10% 2917 Add to Inquiry
C0805C104J3RACTU Image C0805C104J3RACTU CAP CER 0.1UF 25V X7R 0805 Add to Inquiry
T520V156M025ATE090 Image T520V156M025ATE090 CAP TANT POLY 15UF 25V 2917 Add to Inquiry
T520T336M006ATE070 Image T520T336M006ATE070 CAP TANT POLY 33UF 6.3V 3528 Add to Inquiry
C0805C224K4RAC Add to Inquiry
EC2-3NU Image EC2-3NU RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 2A 250V Add to Inquiry
C1206C103K1RAC7800 Add to Inquiry