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Hamlin / Littelfuse

Hamlin / Littelfuse

- Littelfuse (NASDAQ: LFUS) - As the worldwide leader in circuit protection, Littelfuse offers POWR-GARD®, Teccor®, Wickmann®, Pudenz®, Hamlin®, PulseGuard®, SIDACtor®, PolySwitch, 2Pro and PolyZen branded products, with a wide range of technologies such as Fuses and Accessories, PTCs (PolySwitch), GDTs, Varistors, Polymer ESD Suppressors, Surge Protection Modules, TVS Diodes, TVS Diode Arrays (SPA® Diodes), Switching Thyristors, Power Modules, LED Protector, SIDACtor® Protection Thyristor as well as reed switches, relays and Hall Effect sensors. Littelfuse products are backed by more than 88 years of technology innovation, industry leading technical support, design and manufacturing expertise. Littelfuse products are vital components in virtually every product that uses electrical energy, including automobiles, computers, consumer electronics, handheld devices, industrial equipment, and telecom/datacom circuits.
  Image Part Number Description View
0215001.MXEP Image 0215001.MXEP FUSE CERAMIC 1A 250VAC 5X20MM Add to Inquiry
1812L300MR Image 1812L300MR PTC RESET FUSE 6V 3A 1812 Add to Inquiry
0603L100SLYR Image 0603L100SLYR PTC RESET FUSE 6V 1A 0603 Add to Inquiry
1SMB58AT3G Image 1SMB58AT3G TVS DIODE 58V 93.6V SMB Add to Inquiry
RGEF1200 Image RGEF1200 PTC RESET FUSE 16V 12A RADIAL Add to Inquiry
P0720SCMCLRP Image P0720SCMCLRP SIDACTOR MC BI 65V 400A DO-214AA Add to Inquiry
046601.5NR Image 046601.5NR FUSE BRD MNT 1.5A 63VAC/VDC 1206 Add to Inquiry
P0300SARP Image P0300SARP SIDACTOR 25V SURGE SUP DO-214AA Add to Inquiry
0218.125MXP Image 0218.125MXP FUSE GLASS 125MA 250VAC 5X20MM Add to Inquiry
1SMC58AT3G Image 1SMC58AT3G TVS DIODE 58V 93.6V SMC Add to Inquiry
0251001.HAT1L Image 0251001.HAT1L FUSE BRD MNT 1A 125VAC/VDC AXIAL Add to Inquiry
1SMA5.0AT3G Image 1SMA5.0AT3G TVS DIODE 5V 9.2V SMA Add to Inquiry
P0720SCLRP Image P0720SCLRP SIDACTOR BI 65V 400A DO-214AA Add to Inquiry
1SMB64AT3G Image 1SMB64AT3G TVS DIODE 64V 103V SMB Add to Inquiry
P6SMB220A Image P6SMB220A TVS DIODE 185V 328V DO214AA Add to Inquiry
2N6073AG Image 2N6073AG TRIAC SENS GATE 400V 4A TO225AA Add to Inquiry
V1000LA160BP Image V1000LA160BP VARISTOR 1512.5V 6.5KA DISC 20MM Add to Inquiry
P6SMB27A Image P6SMB27A TVS DIODE 23.1V 37.5V DO214AA Add to Inquiry
P1800SD Image P1800SD SIDAC BIDIR 170V 1000A DO-214AA Add to Inquiry
SMDJ110CA Image SMDJ110CA TVS DIODE 110V 177V DO214AB Add to Inquiry
V130LA2P Image V130LA2P VARISTOR 205V 1.2KA DISC 7MM Add to Inquiry
SMAJ14A Image SMAJ14A TVS DIODE 14V 23.2V DO214AC Add to Inquiry
0466005.NR Image 0466005.NR FUSE BOARD MNT 5A 32VAC/VDC 1206 Add to Inquiry
RYC8630-2M Image RYC8630-2M IC PWR SWITCH PROT DUAL 8-SOIC Add to Inquiry
SESD0201X1UN-0030-088 Image SESD0201X1UN-0030-088 TVS DIODE 7V 13V 2XDFN Add to Inquiry
2N6344AG Image 2N6344AG TRIAC 600V 12A TO220AB Add to Inquiry
P6SMB350CA Image P6SMB350CA TVS DIODE 300V 482V DO214AA Add to Inquiry
0453003.MR Image 0453003.MR FUSE BRD MNT 3A 125VAC/VDC 2SMD Add to Inquiry
V320LC20AP Image V320LC20AP VARISTOR 510V 4.5KA DISC 14MM Add to Inquiry
SMBJ130A Image SMBJ130A TVS DIODE 130V 209V DO214AA Add to Inquiry
SP2502LBTG Image SP2502LBTG TVS DIODE 3.3V 20V 8SOIC Add to Inquiry
P2300ECL Image P2300ECL SIDACTOR BI 190V 400A TO-92 Add to Inquiry
SMF33AT1G Image SMF33AT1G TVS DIODE 33V 53.3V SOD123FL Add to Inquiry
P4KE220A Image P4KE220A TVS DIODE 185V 328V DO204AL Add to Inquiry
MAC4DCMT4G Image MAC4DCMT4G TRIAC 600V 4A DPAK Add to Inquiry
0154008.DR Image 0154008.DR FUSE BRD MNT 8A 125VAC/VDC 2SMD Add to Inquiry
P3100EBLRP2 Image P3100EBLRP2 SIDACTOR BI 275V 250A TO-92 Add to Inquiry
0451.800MRL Image 0451.800MRL FUSE BOARD MNT 800MA 125VAC/VDC Add to Inquiry
S4012DRP Image S4012DRP SCR NON-SENS 400V 12A TO-252AA Add to Inquiry
P4KE540A Image P4KE540A TVS DIODE 486V 740V DO204AL Add to Inquiry
1SMA30CAT3G Image 1SMA30CAT3G TVS DIODE 30V 48.4V SMA Add to Inquiry
SL1021B230RF Image SL1021B230RF GDT 230V 20KA T/H FAIL SHORT Add to Inquiry
P0641SALRP Image P0641SALRP SLIC PROTECT 58V 150A DO-214AA Add to Inquiry
SA15ARLG Image SA15ARLG TVS DIODE 15V 24.4V AXIAL Add to Inquiry
P6SMB33CA Image P6SMB33CA TVS DIODE 28.2V 45.7V DO214AA Add to Inquiry
0437008.WR Image 0437008.WR FUSE BRD MNT 8A 32VAC 35VDC 1206 Add to Inquiry
P4802AC Image P4802AC SIDAC 2CHP 220/440V 400A TO-220 Add to Inquiry
SP5003-04TTG Image SP5003-04TTG CMC 100MA 4LN SMD ESD AEC-Q101 Add to Inquiry
01220088H Image 01220088H FUSE CLIP CARTRIDGE 250V 30A PCB Add to Inquiry
1SMC5.0AT3G Image 1SMC5.0AT3G TVS DIODE 5V 9.2V SMC Add to Inquiry