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Bourns, Inc.

Bourns, Inc.

- Bourns, Inc. has been leading the electronics industry in the design, manufacture and sale of electronic components and integrated solutions since its inception in 1947 by Marlan and Rosemary Bourns. As an industry innovator, Bourns targets product development at high-growth industries such as computers, telecommunications, automotive and portable electronics.
Bourns established a benchmark for the quality, value and innovation of its products and services early in the Company’s history with the 1952 introduction of the Trimpot® line. This was the world’s first patented trimming potentiometer. Bourns dedication to excellence ensures the continuous improvement of its products and services to satisfy customers on a global basis. Bourns philosophy is founded upon product quality, dependable delivery and the best overall value for its worldwide customers. In addition to maintaining global manufacturing and customer support capabilities, Bourns invests heavily in the development of technologies and the expansion of its manufacturing capabilities to meet customers’ changing needs. Through this continuous investment, Bourns drives the trend toward component miniaturization. The Company’s commitment to quality is demonstrated in its manufacturing operations, which meet QS 9000 and ISO 9001/2000 certifications.
Bourns sells a broad range of passive components, including trimming potentiometers, overcurrent protection devices, sensors, modular contacts, resistive networks, switches, encoders, panel controls, linear motion potentiometers, dials, precision potentiometers, inductive components, chip resistors and chip resistor arrays, and more. In addition, our Circuit Protection offering continues to expand to include thyristor surge protectors, resettable and telecom fuses, gas discharge tubes, line protection modules, chip diodes and ESD protection products. Outside Plant products include central office, station and multi-stage protectors as well as network interface devices (NIDS) and digital subscriber line (DSL) products. More recent product line additions include DC/DC converters, microelectronic modules, specialty resistors and power semiconductors.
  Image Part Number Description View
CDSOD323-T15SC Image CDSOD323-T15SC TVS DIODE 15V 33V SOD323 Add to Inquiry
CDNBS08-SRDA3.3-6 Image CDNBS08-SRDA3.3-6 TVS DIODE 3.3V 10.9V 8SOIC Add to Inquiry
4816P-1-391 Add to Inquiry
3313J-1-102E Image 3313J-1-102E TRIMMER 1K OHM 0.125W J LEAD TOP Add to Inquiry
CR0603-FX-3323ELF Image CR0603-FX-3323ELF RES SMD 332K OHM 1% 1/10W 0603 Add to Inquiry
SMBJ45A Image SMBJ45A TVS DIODE 45V 72.7V SMB Add to Inquiry
NBS16GLF-2-222 Add to Inquiry
2031-23T-SMLF Image 2031-23T-SMLF GDT 185V 1KA SURFACE MOUNT Add to Inquiry
TIC216D-S TRIAC SENS GATE 400V 6A TO220 Add to Inquiry
3386X-1-504LF Image 3386X-1-504LF TRIMMER 500KOHM 0.5W PC PIN SIDE Add to Inquiry
MF-MSMF075/24-2 Image MF-MSMF075/24-2 PTC RESET FUSE 24V 750MA 1812 Add to Inquiry
3006P-1-200LF Image 3006P-1-200LF TRIMMER 20 OHM 0.75W PC PIN SIDE Add to Inquiry
MF-SM300-2-99 PTC RESET FUSE 6V 3A 2SMD Add to Inquiry
3314G-1-501E Image 3314G-1-501E TRIMMER 500 OHM 0.25W GW TOP ADJ Add to Inquiry
4610X-101-103LF Image 4610X-101-103LF RES ARRAY 9 RES 10K OHM 10SIP Add to Inquiry
SMLJ100A Image SMLJ100A TVS DIODE 100V 162V SMC Add to Inquiry
SDR0503-220ML Image SDR0503-220ML FIXED IND 22UH 900MA 280 MOHM Add to Inquiry
3224W-1-103E Image 3224W-1-103E TRIMMER 10K OHM 0.25W J LEAD TOP Add to Inquiry
SMAJ58A Image SMAJ58A TVS DIODE 58V 93.6V SMA Add to Inquiry
MF-MSMF075/24X-2 Add to Inquiry
P6SMB30A Image P6SMB30A TVS DIODE 25.6V 41.4V DO214AA Add to Inquiry
B0500T Image B0500T FUSE BRD MNT 500MA 600VAC 2SMD Add to Inquiry
3590S-2-202L Image 3590S-2-202L POT 2K OHM 2W WIREWOUND LINEAR Add to Inquiry
3214W-1-501E Image 3214W-1-501E TRIMMER 500 OHM 0.25W J LEAD TOP Add to Inquiry
SMBJ440CA Image SMBJ440CA TVS DIODE 440V 713V SMB Add to Inquiry
3224W-1-502E Image 3224W-1-502E TRIMMER 5K OHM 0.25W J LEAD TOP Add to Inquiry
3590S-2-103L Image 3590S-2-103L POT 10K OHM 2W WIREWOUND LINEAR Add to Inquiry
2035-42-SM-RPLF Image 2035-42-SM-RPLF GDT 420V 15% 5KA SURFACE MOUNT Add to Inquiry
NBS16GLF2-473 Add to Inquiry
MF-R050-2 Image MF-R050-2 PTC RESET FUSE 60V 500MA RADIAL Add to Inquiry
3590S-2-101L Image 3590S-2-101L POT 100 OHM 2W WIREWOUND LINEAR Add to Inquiry
3266P-1-201LF Image 3266P-1-201LF TRIMMER 200OHM 0.25W PC PIN SIDE Add to Inquiry
3313S-1-103E Image 3313S-1-103E TRIMMER 10K OHM 0.125W J LEAD Add to Inquiry
MF-R110-2-99 Image MF-R110-2-99 PTC RESET FUSE 30V 1.1A RADIAL Add to Inquiry
3296X-1-101LF Image 3296X-1-101LF TRIMMER 100 OHM 0.5W PC PIN SIDE Add to Inquiry
TIC106M-S THYRISTOR SCR 600V 5A Add to Inquiry
MF-SM013/250-A05-2 Add to Inquiry
4116R-1-271LF Image 4116R-1-271LF RES ARRAY 8 RES 270 OHM 16DIP Add to Inquiry
3296W-1-503 Image 3296W-1-503 TRIMMER 50K OHM 0.5W PC PIN TOP Add to Inquiry
MF-USMF020 Add to Inquiry
PWR2010W5R00JE Image PWR2010W5R00JE RES SMD 5 OHM 5% 1/2W 2010 Add to Inquiry
3214W-1-104G Image 3214W-1-104G TRIMMER 100KOHM 0.25W J LEAD TOP Add to Inquiry
MF-MSMF160-2 Image MF-MSMF160-2 PTC RESET FUSE 8V 1.6A 1812 Add to Inquiry
SMAJ160A Image SMAJ160A TVS DIODE 160V 259V SMA Add to Inquiry
SDR0604-101KL Image SDR0604-101KL FIXED IND 100UH 520MA 700 MOHM Add to Inquiry
3006P-1-254LF Image 3006P-1-254LF TRIMMER 250K OHM 0.75W PC PIN Add to Inquiry
MF-MSMF110/24X-2 Image MF-MSMF110/24X-2 PTC RESET FUSE 24V 1.1A 1812 Add to Inquiry